Williamson Petroleum Consultants, Inc.
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Williamson Petroleum Consultants, Inc. offers the oil and gas industry completely integrated engineering and management consulting services. 

Williamson is structured to provide a full range of services with emphasis on flexibility, personalized attention, and competitive rates.

Williamson standards have been refined over the years to result in accurate and realistic solutions which are consistent and provide long-term satisfactory
solutions for all parties involved. Their analyses have withstood the scrutiny of clients and investors, jurors and others who may base important decisions on
Williamson’s findings. 


Roy C. Williamson, Jr., P.E.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Roy Williamson directs the firm in addition to participating in oil and gas reserve evaluations, appearing as an expert witness for litigation and

making presentations to investors in the United States and abroad. 


John D. Savage, P.E. 
Executive Vice President

John Savage is responsible for Williamson’s engineering standards and supervision of evaluation projects. He also evaluates oil and gas reserves

for property acquisition and sale, annual reserve studies and estate evaluations.